3 steps for success.

Step 2 – Vision. 

Before you start your journey towards your goals and your ambitions you must first have a vision. You gotta see you goal before it happens!

”You gotta believe it in order to see it” – Les Brown. 

Most people are not believers, they think ”why me” instead of thinking ”why not me” So belief is probably the strongest weapon we humans can have.

A vision is ultimately a picture of your goal, a picture you can see in your mind and you can almost feel in your body how it feels to achieve. That is very powerful to be able to do.

Because a lot of people have goals, setting up goals makes us feel that life isen’t just standing still and that we are standing still. Goals makes us feel like we have purpose and meaning and something to work towards in life.

It dosen’t matter what type of goal you have, my goals are not ”bigger” then yours, we just have different opinions of success and different values in life.

So what people do is that they tell themselves that I have this goals and this goal etc, but they can’t really see it in their mind, they can’t picture it. And if you can’t see it in your mind no matter how hard you try, it perhaps is not that important to you.

Because even if goals are supposed to be hard to reach and it is suppose to be a challenge, we should not have to work to hard to feel a passion for the goal and work hard to see it in our mind, it should somehow come naturally in your mind. If that is the case, like I said, maybe you should sit down again and write down your goals one more time and really think to yourself, what do I wanna accomplish.





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