When I discovered hard work.

”Everyday is a new page in your book of life”

I am a very goal oriented person, I always has been this guy who need to have goals in his life or else I won’t work and I feel like I am walking around without meaning.

The first time I set up a ”real” goal, I goal that was suppose to be impossible to reach, I was around 14-15 years old.

I played soccer and had just been transfered from a B-team in Sandviken to one of the top team in my county Gästrikland, so I was walking on clouds. These guys was older and bigger then me (I was a very small kid growing up), so this was a whole new experience for me.

After one or two months the coaches called me and 3 other guys to the office late one night after our training.
They told us we did not have what it takes to be part of the team and we were cut from the team, they gave us one the month to finish the training and say goodbye to the team.

I was overwhelmed with feelings when I went home that night and I started crying on my way home and did not sleep for one second that night.


There I was, 14-15 years old and just had my dream destroyed, I was told I wasn’t good enough. That is tough to here for a young kid!

That night something happened, thoughts came to me that I never have had before, I started thinking that this is not true, I know I am good enough. Nobody deciede my life and how good I am.

So I was determined to prove everybody wrong, so I had around 3 weeks to show my coaches that they made a misstake.

I went up early everyday, went out for a run before breakfast with my football and train on my condition, my skills and technique.

I went crazy on my training sessions with the team, I did double the work they told us to do and I stayed after the training was over.

This was the first time in my life I had worked this hard and I loved it.

3 weeks went by and I was a total different soccer player and I went from not good enough to one of the starting players.

Yes, your heard me. 3 weeks went by and they called me in to the office and said those word I had thought of everyday for the last 3 weeks, ”Mike you are a total different soccer player, you are amazing, would you like to stay”. 

That is when it all began for me and when I discovered hard work pays off, I was bitten and found a love in hard work and what it could bring me.

What my message is about this post is that when your hear the word NO, turn that NO into an opportunity instead. Say YES to yourself, let the NO go in one ear and out of the next.

I heard an interview with Kevin Hart one time and this is what he said:

”Often people just see that last few years and say that me and most other guys are a over-night success. But remember, I got 19 years of the word NO, not good enough”.

So to be able to reach success, you must be able to handle the word NO.

Believe to Achieve.



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