My goals, what I do.

”I don’t just dream about success, I work everyday for it”.

Like I have told you in previous posts that I am a very goal oriented person and I always need goals in my life in order to fully function.

So I have of course my long-term goals which is 10-15 years ahead, then I have my other ”short-term” goals and they can be a few months ahead to a year or a few weeks.

What I do first is to always write my goals down, I write them down on a piece of paper and I also have them on my phone so I can always look at them wherever I am.

Next I set them up in different categories, what I mean is I divide them up in how long it will take me to reach them and which one is more important now. So I set a date, not a specific date but for example before 1 of september, so anytime before that, that is the deadline.

Because that is one of the biggest mistakes people makes when they set up new goals, they do not set up a deadline and if you don’t set up at deadline you will not work as hard as you will if you set up a deadline.


If you do not set up a deadline you can say to yourself all the time that ”I have time, there is no point in stressing, or rush etc”.

No no no… Big mistake, even if stress is mostly a bad thing you need to have deadlines in order to do your best work and in order for to move on to the next goals. Because that is the next step, one goal at the time.

This is what I do! I take one goal at the time and do my absolute best everyday to work towards it, then when I make it, I move on to the next.

Of course if you have two goals that are very similar to each other you can work on two at the same time, but something I have noticed when I have had two very different goals it is very hard to give 100% on both at the same time.

A good example for me is bodybuilding and my ”other” life goals that involves school, america and starting a business.

I tried to give 100% to all those goals at the same time but it was to hard, instead it became a stress compared to joy and fun like it is suppose to be when you work towards your life goals.

So what I did was to give 100% on one at the time and just worked on my other goals 10-20% when I had the time and that worked perfectly for me. Then sometimes could the goals change and I started working 100% on something else and backed off a little on the other goals.

So my tips for you today: 

  1. Write down your goals on a paper and cell phone so you can see them all the time. 
  2. Dived your goals in short term and long term goals. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Which one are more important right now etc.
  3. Set up deadlines!! Very Important. 
  4. Go 100% on one goal at the time and work on your other goals when you have extra time over and don’t be afraid to change priorities sometimes. 
  5. Have fun, your goals is something that you are suppose to want to do. This is about the goals YOU WANT, not the goals your boss gives you or teacher etc. So if you feel stressed and not have to much fun maybe you should start looking on other goals. 
    Of course if your goal is starting a business or a restaurant or something like that you will have struggles and everything will not be fun, but somehow you should anyway feel some sort of joy because it is something for you, something you have chosen to work for, for yourself. 

Believe to Achieve.





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