Leave the past behind you.

”Don’t be held hostage from your failures of yesterday.”


We all have a past, we all come from somewhere and we all have history behind us that maybe define us or even breaks us.

Trust me I know failures, I know hardships and I know that life isen’t a walk in the park most of the time.

But something that I discovered years ago and what helped me become the person I am today is that my past, my failures and my hardships is trials. They have molded me to the person I am today and today I can be proud over myself and I love the person who I have become.

I started looking at my childhood and my past as a trial, I started saying to myself that it made me stronger, more hungry for success and more motivated to help others succed also.

When I started doing this and started saying this to myself, I could finally let go and I finally could leave the past in the past.
I started living in the present and seeing the future, I started to believe that no matter what my past had been I control my future.

This is the most important message about this post, control. In order for you to have a great life, a life full of opportunities and joy then you’ll need to take control over your life.

Decide that you will have control over your own life and that outside forces will not have the power over you and what your life will look like.

How do you do this? 

You need to accept things that has happen in your life and accept that the past you can do nothing about. Say to yourself everyday that ”I decide my future and no one control my life”.

In order for you to have a great life, acceptance is a real valuable mindset. You must accept when something bad happens that now this thing happened and now I can’t do anything about except move and and accept it.

When you have that control over your own mind, you will notice what a difference it will make in your life.
It won’t happen over night, but it can happen soon if you start today.

Believe to achieve.



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