Find your passion!

In order for you to do great work, you most love what you do, so never stop looking”. 

This is one of the most important topics I will write about in my opinion, it is also one of the most difficult for people to do/follow.

Most people today are ”satisfied” about life, they have a steady job and get a paycheck every month. Work 9-5 and have a family, nice house etc.

This is absolutely nothing wrong, if you have find your passion then I congratulate you and wish you the best.
But today their is maybe 3/10 that truly find their passion in life or even work towards it, they are either afraid or just pure lazy.

Because the most dangerous feeling you can have is to be satisfied, because when you are, you will stop working for growth and to evolve, you will start to stand still and sometimes get stuck.

Today people are happy with just having a satisfied job or business, they don’t feel the hunger to have GREAT work or business.

Why is that? Any opinions? Or am I wrong, is this something I just believe? Do people really have their absolute dream job today and really love their job and donate look forward to the weekends and their 4 weeks of holiday every year? 


So this is only my thoughts and what I believe. I have not find my dream job yet, I absolutely like my job today and have great co-workers. But that dosen’t mean it is my dream job and I want to work at the job for the rest of my life.

But I work towards it everyday, looking for it, thinking about it. I have had 4 jobs in that last 18 months, why? Am I a bad worker, do I have poor performance at my jobs?

NO, I know me and I know that I always gives 100% in the jobs I have and always do my best no matter what.
I have changed job for different reasons and it has always been because I believed it would bring me closer towards my goals in life and my passions I have etc..

I am not afraid and neither should you be, don’t care about others opinion of you. You most live your life for you and not for somebody else.

You will only be truly happy when you find your passion in life, not just in a hobby but in your work and even then you won’t be ”satisfied”, because you will always strive for more in the job you have.

You will be extremely happy and will joy in your life, but never satisfied. I believe everyone who are a person which are not afraid to look for their passion and don’t care about others opinion will never be satisfied because they will always evolve and learn more.

”Find a job you don’t need vacation from”, this is not just an expression or saying, never stop looking for it. The road are almost as fun as the destination will be.

Believe to Achieve.



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