Create your team.

”If you wanna go fast, go alone, if you wanna go far, go with a team”. 

I used to be what you call a ”lone-wolf” and had this feeling that I would do everything by myself, I did not need help from any one.

The truth is that my first years of my life I didn’t need help either from anybody, I did everything by myself and I did it good.

This goes back to my childhood when I grew up with two parents who was alcoholics and it was very hard to grow up like that and I feelt that nobody helped me then (not until later when the social services got in the situation years later), so why should I even ask somebody help me now.

I also have had a lot of trust issues, still do today. I trust very few people completely, but the ones I do trust today, they are part of my ”team”.

But growing up and not trusting anyone gave me not just negativ things, it gave me a strong mindset that I could do anything by myself and I did not need anyone to do something for me.


But eventually I realised that everyone needs help sometimes and also that life can be much more joyful and fun with at team, the team is also of course your friends/family, not just people you consider co-workers etc.

This is something I just realised this last year  about this team thing and how amazing it is to have someone supporting you 100%.

Because all my life I have had people laugh at my dreams and goals, they have always been to ”big” or unrealistic. 
So when I did met people who really believed in me and said to me that I could do everything I said I was going to do, I was sceptical at first because of my trust issues.

But I noticed after a while that this person did not just say this, he/she showed true support and asked genuine questions about the things I wanted to do, also supported me on my low days which we all have sometimes..

This is how my team got built, I have 2 people now who truly support me and help me towards my goals, of course I have friends  who supports me also. But this is the team who I truly work with and brain storm with, we support each other and give ideas etc.

So create a team, be with people who lift you up and with people who has the same interests as you and who have as high of ambitious as you do.

Believe to Achieve



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