Don’t waste time.

”Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

One of the most important things I live by nowadays is the expression ”never waste time”, I actually have that on my fridge so I see it everyday.

This is so important and something people take for granted all the time, a lot of people say the expression ”live each day as it were your last” but they don’t really doing it.

I don’t mean that you should quit your job and travel the world etc, of course if you are able to do that, then you should do it. But we should think a little about the future also!

What I mean is that time is really something we don’t get back and everyday can actually be your last, so say the things you wanna say, do the things you wanna do before it is to late.

Try new things that might give you happiness, don’t be afraid to try things. You might find something totally new that you love and you never thought you would ever like it.


I have also been this person who say that now I am going to start to live but haven’t truly done it, but every year I have started to do it more and more.

My tip to you is to see life for what it is, life is a journey that one day will stop, it can be today, tomorrow or next week or in 50 years. The journey is here more important then the destination.

Don’t hold anything back, don’t think that it is a cliché to say that life is short and each day can be your last. Don’t think of it as something to be afraid of, think of it as something that will make you take action and do the things you wanna do, say the things you wanna say.

There are 86400 seconds in one day, remember that, how many of those seconds do you sleep, how many of those seconds are you at a job you don’t like.

Don’t waste any more time, live life to the fullest.I have lost a lot of close people in my life and each time I get a reminder how short life can be…

One of the best speech I have ever heard is one Steve Jobs talked to the 2005 Stanford University graduates, listen to it and ask after how you wanna live your life.

Steve Jobs Speech

Believe to Achieve.



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