Don’t be afraid.

”I never fail, I either win or I learn”.

Fear is the biggest problem or obstacle that we humans have when we have goals and dreams. We are mostly afraid for how we look in other peoples eyes, what will he or she think of me, my family think of me, my friends think of me etc..

This is what holds us back the most and what breaks a lot of people, it makes people give up and never reaching their full potential.

First I wanna go over this problem, fear of others opinion of you. Why?! This is the most craziest thing you can be afraid of, because you don’t live your life for him or for her. You live your life for you and what you do with your life should only matter to you.

If you take that job or quit that job or follow that path or do this or do that, you need to make sure that your only concern is with yourself. Are you doing it for you?

Of course this is hard, we are grown up in a society where it matters how we look in others eyes, we wanna hear good things about us and never bad things. We strive to have as many likes as we can on the social medias and don’t wanna have any negativ comments.

I was just like that only 2-3 years ago, what other people thought about me was very important.

Now I really don’t care, now I have this mindset that if he or she dosen’t like me or my opinion of something. Move on, we don’t have do be friends just because.

I can have different opinions then what my friends have, but we accept each other anyway and accept our opinion in the matter, that is why we are friends.

A lot of people have a hard time accepting when someone else sees life/work/relationship in a different way or have a different opinions of those things, they think I am strange because I think this way and not they way you are ”suppose” to think. 


I love being the one who thinks different, being the ”strange” one. That means I am going my own way.

Don’t get me wrong, feedback is a good thing. But there is a different between getting feedback and getting opinions in your face. 

Also remember that every successful person has haters and not everyone likes him or her, so in order for you to be successful you need to be able to handle critics and never let it get you down.

So think about this the next time you are thinking about quitting that ”dream job”, is it your dream job or is it the other peoples dream job? Or the next time you are thinking about doing this or that and people are calling you crazy, ”should I try and have a 50/50% chance of success or don’t try and have a 100% chance to fail?”

Another thing is, the day you stop seeing failure and start saying to yourself that you never fail, that is the day you will never feel stressed over decisions if you should do this or that. Have the courage to try.

”I tried is 10 times more of a champion then someone who said what if, because what if never went to the arena” – Greg Plitt.



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