Typical day!

”Live each day as if it were your last, then someday you will be right”.

My daily life is right now is a little routine and I like routines but not to much, I am also spontaneous sometimes. My girlfriend Marina is very spontaneous and she really pushes me to be more like that and really seize life, she challenge me in a good way.

But a ”normal” day for can look like this.

04.15 –  my alarm clock wakes me and I get up right away, I stopped hitting snooze years ago. Put on some coffee and sit by my computer and working until around 05.15-05.30 and then I take a BCAA shake and hops on my bicycle for around 25min and while I am doing my cardio I read my book, around 2-3 chapters.

06.30-07.00 – Eat my breakfast and pack my bag + fixing my meals for the day before leaving for work at around 07.30!

Work from 08.00 to 12.00, then lunch for one hour and I usually work with my own projects during my lunch break, of course eating at the same time. I work at a computer so it is no problem to eat.

13.00-17.00 work at my day job.

17.00-19.30 – I go home and eat, relaxing and then go and train with my friend Freddie D from 19.30 to around 21.00!

21.00-23.00 – go home and eat, watching som tv and talking with Marina about our projects togheter like travels and stuff like that, we inspire each other and helping each other. We have a partnership and that has always been my dream, find someone you love and have a partnership togheter instead of just a relationship.

Believe to Achieve.



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