We are all capable!

”If he can do it, why not me”.

One of the things that are different between successful people and average people are that they believe the successful people are special, they are not human, they are just gifted. The average people say that ”if I was that gifted I also would have reach the same amount of success”. 

The average people don’t realise the amount of hard work the successful people put in, they work day and night, they don’t have the word quit or no in their vocabulary.

Of course a a lot of people are gifted in some way put this is not an excuse the average people can use, instead realise that you just don’t put in the work and the reason is because you don’t have the same passion as the successful person has in their line of work.

That is why it is so important to find your passion like I have talked about in my previous blog posts, never stop looking.


I talked to a friend the other day about this. The different mindset between the people who succeed and the ones who don’t or dosen’t even try.

Like my mindset, I always think like if he can do it, then I also can do it. That is my mindset, if I put in the work I can also be as successful as my idols.

I look at The Rock, Jay Cutler, Kevin Hart and Eric Thomas for example. I look at them like these unbelievable people who just are amazing, like heroes. But I don’t consider them different or better then me, I believe fully in my heart that I can be just as successful as them if I put in the work.

I don’t consider myself better then anyone else, never do. But I consider myself as a hard worker who can succeed in anything I want and I believe everyone can be that person who succeed in anything.

That is just me and my mindset, the word no, loosing or quitting don’t exist for me in my head. I only have words like yes, I can do it, never give up, I will make it.

So it all comes down to the simple thing of believing in yourself and believing that you can be anything you want. You can be your heroes and be like the people you look up to if you want.

Believe to Achieve.



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