Not a straight road.

”A journey is not a straight road, it has to be up and down for us to evolve”.

Life is a journey and we all know that every journey the road is never just straight and we can just walk straight ahead all the time.

Life will be tough, life will be hard and life will test is how much we really want to reach our goals and full potential. 

When this happens, when life gives us a test we need to ask ourself how much we want this,  is this worth it? When I reach my destination will I feel satisfied and will I think that all the hardship was worth this?

Because the only way we can see if this goal or this dream is something we really want or if it is just something we thought we wanted, to get this answer we must at least try and see when the tough things comes if we will continue on this path.


If not, the we just have to change and find another path and another goal. Because goals and dreams can always change, don’t be afraid of that. Do not feel like you are quitting or like you are giving up because you stop and change your goals.

That was me 1-2 years ago, I could not stop when I had set a specific goal. My mindset was that if I stop or change this was failure in my book and you can imagine how stressful that could be?

Even if I felt that this was not really what I wanted, I had to do it and then move on. Do you think I felt satisfied when I reached my destination? NO, I did not.

So this was a promise to me a while back, that my goals can change and I can change my journey if I feel like this is not what I wanted, the work will not be worth it in the end.

So my message to you here is that don’t be afraid or feel like you fail just because your goals need to change, that means that your life values just have changed and that is nothing strange about it if they do.

Last years goals or last months goals can change a lot.

Believe to Achieve.



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