Why do I want this?

”We all are special and our goals are something we should be proud of”.

I often get this question why I want the things I want in Life, why do I have these goals.

I want a lot of money, that is one of the first things I tell people when they ask me what my goals are and I am talking movie star money.

Some people do not understand this and I don’t expect them to understand because this is something I have a hard time to explain why.

I was very poor growing up and did not have a lot of food, we really had to struggle. So there is one reason I think that has given me this hunger for money!

I also want freedom. Money can buy you freedom if you don’t just work for a paycheck meaning the more hours you do the more money you make.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hard work but I want financial freedom and to me that means that I work hard for X amount of years and then can relax later in Life.

Also something people say ”money can’t buy you happiness”. I always laugh when I hear this. No, of course you can’t literally buy happiness and get it in your hand.

But money can make you happy, because with money comes freedom. You don’t have to worry about money and if you can buy food at the end of the month etc.

Those people who says ”money can’t buy you happiness”, they have not really struggle with money I think or been really poor. I have never heard a rich man say this, if this person had to start with nothing and work his/her ass off do get all that money they have.

I love this quote


This is my goal now but I can also have a job where I love to go to, make crazy amount of money and work hard. It is called passion!! Find a job you don’t need a vacation from.

Something I always wanted or still want is to become a movie star. Why?

Movies was my savior when I was growing up, they gave me hope of a better Life and inspired me to not give up.

That is something I also wanna give youHope, inspiration. That is the best thing I can give someone I believe.



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