My workout

”Be the best version of you”

For you guys who are interested in my workouts and how I train today, this is how it looks:

Monday: Back, trap and rear delts. 
Tuesday: Rest 
Wednesday: Squat, hamstrings and calves. 
Thursday: Shoulders and benchpress 
Friday: Arms and calves. 
Saturday: Squat, quads and calves. 
Sunday: Chest and 1-2 exercises for shoulders.

I usually do around 20-25min of cardio 4 days a week, depending how I feel when I am waking up. Just some light bicycle.

How many sets and reps I do varies from workout to workout, that is something I decided when I am at the gym and working out.

I am this person who can do 12-20 reps on when exercise or set and 5-6reps on the next. So I don’t go in the gym and say before, this workout is only going to be heavy and low reps. Of course, if I have that feeling going into the gym, today I wanna lift some heavy ass weight I will do that, but I don’t make it a must.

Pump and filling the muscle with blood is my type of training, but I love to lift heavy. So these last couple of month when I have been training with my bro Freddie, we have decided to become stronger on the basic exercises like squat, benchpress and deadlifts.

So every Wednesday we have decided we are going for heavy squat, 3-5 reps and working on our PB. Saturday it is more focus on controlling the reps and maybe more front squat, superset and pump!


This has worked perfectly for us and we have become a lot stronger and we have more dense in our muscles and more ”grainy” look.

It has been great workouts and we have really been serious with our food and recovery, maybe a little to much in the gym but it has worked for a while.

Soon I will have a week of from the gym and rest voluntarily not because I am sick or something like that.

I believe that every person needs different recovery and it all comes down to how much sleep you get, how much food you get. I don’t believe you can overtrain if you get enough food and sleep! That is my philosophy.

Believe to Achieve.



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