Don’t listen to the naysayers.

”Live your life for you, don’t let somebody else control your thoughts”

This is something I remind myself with every single day. Why should we let others control over thoughts and over life?

This is what happens if we let others opinion of us get to us, I know all of you can relate to this. Who hasen’t thought ”What will he or she think if I do that”, or what will they think about this.

Unfortunately this can destroy a lot and give us stress, anxiety and just headache. Which is crazy, why should this happen to us because what others think?

Like something I have a hard time to do is being sick, it feels like people are judging me because of that even if they don’t do that I just have a feeling like that and it dosen’t matter if I have the flue or whatever.

I remember one time many years ago when I had to go on sick leave because of depression and stress (yes even me, they guy who works out all the time and always have a goal can fall down). 

This was something really strange, how can someone become so depressed that they have to go on sick leave and in particular a young ”healthy/normal” guy in a small town.


People don’t like to talk about things like that, depression and being sick because of it has been a ”strange” thing. But today it is a lot of people who become so depressed or stressed that they ”hit the wall” and have to go on sick leave.

We can talk years before they come back for some people and this is something people need to fully understand, it is not a ”strange” thing or something to be ashamed of. 

We also need to fully understand what cause this? Why do they get so stressed that they have to become sick or ”hit the wall” before something happens, a change.

Things I recommend that you can do if you feel like your are going this way: 

  1. Write down that you want out of life, not just materialistic things, write down for example how a perfect day would look for you. 
  2. Ask yourself, to I love my life and my daily routines today? Are they making me happy and a feeling of satisfaction?
  3. Let go of they opinions of others, if they control you, you will always feel some kind of stress. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to change the direction of your life, job, relationship or friends. 
  5. At least one day a week, do exactly what you wanna do. Don’t think about nothing else, just what you wanna do that particular day.

Hope this can help some people if you can relate to this, if not. Take this in and do these things anyway and enjoy your stress free life.

Believe to Achieve.


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