Warren Buffet – The King.

”You neve stop learning, when you do life is over”. 

Warren Buffet – The snowball and the business of life was the first book I actually read when I decided that I was going to start reading books more seriously.

I went to Akademibokhandeln one Saturday morning and get started with my new mission in life, to learn.

So I stood there and did not know that much about successful people or who I could learn from, of course I had my idols and people I looked up to but not any knowledge about others.

After about 15-20min I saw the biggest book I ever had seen and it said ”business of life” on the cover, of course this was the book I had to have.

So my first ”real” book was a business book and it was 832 pages long! I was in for an interesting time and learning experience.


For me this book really opened my eyes for business and it gave me a lot more hunger for success in general.

Warren Buffet to me represent patience and disciplin, he has built and fortune over 50 years and 2015 he was ranked as the 3 richest man in the world, net worth 72,7 billion dollars. 

But the most interesting is that they say that he made around 98% of is estimated fortune today after he turned 50 years old.

So for you who has not read this book, read it, it is a good book, it is a challenge and it is an eye opener.

Always learn from the best and remember that success leaves bread crumbs.

Believe to Achieve.  



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