The word BUT

”But is a dream killer” 

Yesterday I heard a guy on the internet who was talking about motivation, fear and the word but. This was very interesting and I love when people talk about these things.

When he talked about the word but and how we are thought that word when we are growing up, when we are getting older. This got me thinking about limitations also.

The older we get, the more limitations are we told that there is and for me this is crazy. As a child they tell us that we can be whatever we want to be, if I tell you when I am 10 years old I’m going to play for Real Madrid, people will tell me how cool that is and you will score a lot of goals.

Then if I tell you the same thing 7-10 years later that one day I am going to play for Real Madrid, not that I want to, I am GOING to. 

When I tell people that, they tell me I am crazy, there are only maybe 2-3% of the population that can be that good etc..

So we keep hear all the limitations and how hard it is, how it is impossible and that you can’t do it because you are from a small town, you should have been there by now if it was ment to happen.


How many children do you hear tell you when you ask them what they want to be, how many do you hear tell you I am going to TRY to be an astronaut or a doctor or an actor?

They don’t use the word TRY or the word but in this sentence, I know I didn’t do that anyway, did you?

Then if you ask somebody the same thing later i life, they all of a sudden have another for, I am going to TRY this.

Because now you have heard the word but a lot, for a long time how difficult everything is and but this, but that etc…

We keep coming up with excuses why it can’t be done, it is ”safer” to tell someone that you are going to try, then it is okay to fail as suppose to if you tell them that you are going to do it.
Then you truly fail and become a failure because you told someone this was a sure thing.

I always tell people I am going to be this or do that, I don’t care what they think if I don’t do it anymore. I will do this for me, not for you.

If it dosen’t happen, then I either try again or try something else BUT I never fail, I only win or I will learn something.

Believe to Achieve.



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