86400 seconds.

”The greatest pleasure you can do in life is doing what they say can’t be done”.

This is something I find very very interesting, time.

People always say the don’t have time and come up with excuses how much they have to do, they can’t exercise or do this or that because their is not enough time in the day.

People always use the wrong word when they talk about this and say they don’t have time, the word or sentence is that you don’t want it that much or you prioritise other things you consider more important.

Because you know that everyone have the exact amount of time during the day right? I don’t have more or less time then no one else. I have the exact same time as The Rock (who gets up 04.00 everyday to workout), Warren Buffet, Kobe Bryant and others.

Life all comes down to these things, how bad do you really want it and what is your priorities. It is that simple really, so don’t complicate things more then they are.

There is 24 hours a day, which is 86400 seconds and you decide everyday how you will manage your time from the minut you wake up.


So stop coming up with different excuses to why you can’t do this or can’t do that, especially saying that you don’t have time. Start saying it is not that important to me.

Start saying to yourself, I rather sleep 1-2 hours more then get up and train or I rather go home and watch tv before bed then go and workout or working on my goals.

It dosen’t have to be working out, but I use that as an example because that is what I hear the most excuses about. People say to me often ”how can you have the time to train so much”. 

I say, I make time to train. I prioritise training and skip something else instead. I have the same amount of time as you.

Sometimes when I don’t do my cardio in the morning, I don’t come up with excuses that today I did not have the time or something like that.

I say it like it is, today it wasn’t that important to me, I hade other priorities this day. I am not afraid to say that to myself. You also need to start saying that.

Eventually you will start setting up your priorities and manage your time better and start being honest with yourself instead of excuses like time.

Believe to Achieve. 



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