”Poor preparation gives you poor performance”. 

This is something that is one of the most important things you must do in other to be successful in life. Always be prepared!

When I say poor preparation gives you poor performance I really mean that today people are very bad in prepare.

Prepare the day, the week, the weekend or the month and even the year. When you are goal-oriented and very ambitious you also need to do your homework, you need to be prepare for the things that is about to come.

Let say you apply for 10-15 jobs in 2 days and all of a sudden you are standing there with 10-15 job interviews and the want to meet you as soon as possible.

The all of a sudden if you haven’t done this already, you need to start prepare for 10-15 job interviews that you maybe are going to have within 1-2 weeks (yes this can happen).

You need to learn about the company, plan questions that they might ask you, questions you may want to ask them. Because when you are there in the meeting, they will know if you came prepared or not.

So prepare as much as possible even before you apply for the job, read up on the company, write down maybe a half page of questions and notes about this particular job. Then you can go back and look over your notes for a few minutes and be calm and prepare just a little more the day before or the same day your are going there.

Because let’s face it, you will always have paper at home or a computer, or a cell phone. So write everything down on 10-15 different pages. So each job have there own paper! Trust me, I have been there and made all the misstakes, so this will help.


The same goes with training, this is so important and we all have been there I believe. You get your training done and you are training with perfect intensity, perfect form and everything goes good.

Then when you come home you don’t have any food ready to eat, it is late, you need to get up early for something and don’t have any food ready for tomorrow either. You once again need to eat a damn sallad out, because maybe you wanna loose weight and a pizza or burger won’t do it.

Then you are going to train also after work and have eaten one meal after breakfast, a sallad or something, maybe a fruit also at the end of the day.

Who are going to preform best you think? The guy/girl who hav had there own food with them and have had 2-3 meals during the day with the nutrients they wanted and needed. Because they had prepared the day before or even on the weekend.

Or the guy/girl who has eaten a sallad with not enough chicken (protein) and no carbs except the fruit that did burn up directly because the body was starving.

So my tip for you is prepare for success and it will come faster to you then if you are not prepared for it.

Believe to achieve. 



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