”You never stop learning, when you do, life is over”.

I was thinking about this the other day, how I always learn something. Almost every single day, it can be about anything at all.

This is very interesting to all the time learn something, it feels like it will never stop. But this is something we choose ourselves if we are willing or interested to learn.

It is a matter of mindset, there are people who are always on there toes and trying to learn more and more every day. Then there are people who simple have stopped, they feel satisfied with life and don’t believe learning will help them anymore.

Because a lot of people connect learning with school, they just ”do their time” like in prison. Then after school is over, they are so full of people telling them what to learn all the time, of course you can get tired of this.

But now after school, this is the true school. Now you can learn whatever the hell you want, now you decide what you want to learn. Isen’t that great?


I believe that the more you learn a better life you can have, that is why I started to read like I am doing today and I truly love it. Now I can read the books I want, not the books a teacher tells me to read.

It has changed me so much and given me so much information about myself, about people and about the world.

So if you feel like me, that you wanna go far in life, you wanna accomplish great things and you wanna have a better life. Don’t ever stop learning, always be hungry for information and education.

Tips for learning:

  • Number one is of course, read books. Read all the time, read books you think interest you or pick up a book out of your comfort zone, maybe you find a whole new subject you didn’t believe you had an interest for. 
  • Number two is listen, always listen to people. Sometimes you will listen to dumb shit, stupid people. But I promise you if you keep listening you will learn new things all the time. 
  • Number three, Seek out information. Information very rarely comes  to you, you must seek it out and find it.
  • Number four, call yourself a student. Don’t connect the word student to school that you went to, be a student in your own classroom. 
  • Number five, be hungry for success. This is me and why I always want to learn, I am hungry for success and is why I will never stop learning and reading. 

Believe to Achieve.



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