Steve Jobs

”The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. 

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson was a book that some how changed me very much. I did not really know Steve Jobs before this book, I did not know all the things Steve Jobs had done.

I knew about the Mac and Iphone etc. But I did now know his story and all the other things he had done for the world and  how much he truly ment for people around the world.

A question I ask myself a lot sense I read this book is, ”how would the world look like if Steve jobs still was a live”. What more inventions would they come up with?

I know that Steve Jobs wasn’t really a genius who created all the things himself, but he was something that to me is far more better a visionary.


Right after I had read this I went out and bought myself a Mac computer, a few months later I bought a Iphone.

I remember when I did unpack my Mac and my Iphone, it really was an experience like Steve Jobs wanted it to be, I remember how he really planned everything in detail so the customer would experience christmas every time.

For you guys who hasen’t read this book and specially if you own a Mac or an Iphone, read it and hear Steve Jobs life story.

Believe to Achieve. 



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