”Champions do what competitors don’t”.

The whatever it takes mindset is not something we see everyday with every person we meet. This mindset is something some people are born with and some people are grown into that mindset.

I believe everyone can have this mindset, the mindset of a champion. Number one rule you must first have in order to have this mindset is a passion. So you must find your passion!

Steve Jobs really believed that in order to do great work you must have a lot of passion for what you are doing, because it is so hard to succeed so if you don’t have a lot of passion you will quit when it becomes to hard.

If we look at all the champions that has succeeded not only because of their ”gift”, but with hard work and determination.
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Eric Thomas, Kevin Hart and thousands of more.

Something I notice in the interviews they make, they always say the same thing. They always starts to talk about hard work and passion and determination.

There is nothing like sleeping in or take a break or loosing focus for these guys, they are laser focused every single day. Of course, they took a rest day now and then.

But the message they wanna send us is that they did/do whatever it takes to reach their goals and dreams, they go up at 4am do train or stay up late at home to work or read instead of going out partying.


Some people will say now when I write this, ”But you also need to have some fun sometimes etc..”

Yeah maybe you do need to have som fun sometimes, but remember that we all have different values in life, different priorities. 

The work they did or do, that is their passion and of course they love it or else they wouldn’t come so far as they have.

Greatness requires sacrifices, you need to sacrifice sleep, you need to sacrifice partying or hanging out with friends (if your friends are as ambitious as you are, perfect, hang out).

Another thing these champions have commonly is that they NEVER GIVE UP, no matter how hard it gets or how bad it hurts they never give up.

They say to themselves that it will all be worth it in the end and it dosen’t matter how many times I fall or fail, out of the thousands of time I fail, I will only need to succeed ones.

Michael Jordan said ”I have failed over and over and over again and that is why I succeed”. So you must fail first, why?

Because you must learn and also you gotta see how bad you want it, if you quit, you didn’t want it that much. Keep looking for something else, find your passion.

Believe to Achieve.   



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