”Work hard and dream big”

I some times get the question what supplements to I use and when I answer I often answer with ”I don’t use that much”. But when I write them down it maybe more then the average person use.

This is what I use right know: 

  • Whey protein or a mix protein, use it with breakfast and in my mid-day snack I do with eggs. Like a pancake. 
  • Amino acids before training and during. 
  • Creatine before training. 
  • Multivitamin during the day
  • D-vitamin during the day
  • Omega-3 during the day
  • Magnesium before bed
  • Glutamin before and during my training
  • Gainer once or twice during the day. 
  • A mix drink during training the consists of Carbs and amino acids. 
  • C-vitamin with breakfast.

Yes, that is it right now, for some it may sound like it is to much others to little, but this is for me and this is what I believe I need.

I also eat 5-7 times/day, so I remember that supplements don’t replace real food it just helps with the recovery if you feel you need it. Some people feel like they don’t need anything, that is great for you, saving money!

Believe to Achieve.



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