Working hard

”Only those who will risk going to far can possibly know how far one can go”

Yes, I am still here working hard, working hard to achieve my goals and also working hard for my own future.

My days these latest days has been really busy and I need to adjust my new routines into my life in order for everything to work.

I am thinking of an expression ”Grind now and shine later”.

That is really what I am doing right now, working so that I can live the life I want both now and later. But I can sacrifice some things now and prioritise work to get the things I want.

Today I actually got three jobs, I got my day job I go to, it pay the bills and it is a steady job with good people. I also got a extra job for extra income that I use for my savings and my future travels etc.

Then I also got that job I one day going to work full-time with, the travel business called dreamtrips ( One of the coolest jobs ever! 

You get payed to travel or you travel to the best prices in the world and you live in luxury hotels for crappy hotel prices.


So that is my normal routine during the weeks and soon I my travels begin, first stop is Germany and Fibo, this is with my day-job.

Then with dreamtrips I first go to Greece and going to live at one of the best resorts in Europe, relaxing, golfing and recovery! Then a month later it is Paris and then it is Rome straight after Paris. The spring i looking good right now.

Remember also that you gotta keep working on yourself, training, fixing food etc. I am very lucky to have my girlfriend Marina in my life because we work together and dream together.

Believe to Achieve. 



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