Is money everything?

”Money is a good servant but a bad master”

I had an interesting argument yesterday with a person about how important money is and that it is wrong to value money the most in life according to this person.

If money was my only focus and my only goal in life, the conversation with this person got me thinking and when I think I wanna write and when I write I wanna share it with you guys.

The few people who knows me I mean truly knows me, they know why I am obsessed in making a lot of money and why I don’t settle for mediocracy. Why do I wanna become truly rich and have a lot of money?

It all goes back to my childhood of course and the upbringing I had. I grew up very poor and had a very tough childhood.

My escape from that reality was movies and success stories from both real life and from movies even if they are fantasy to most people.

I saw how they could buy the things I wanted and travel to wherever they wanted to go while myself and my family tried to have enough money so we could eat food everyday.

I believe that a childhood like this define you and set you on one of two roads, either you accept the conditions that you have and say that this if my life and I accept it, all the rich people I read about or see on tv, they are special and have a gift.

Or on the other road you will say that I am special, I was born for more then to work, pay bills and die. I will NOT accept this life anymore and I will work for something greater.


Another thing that I find very interesting when you discuss with a person like this, a person who maybe has money as his/hers number 10 goals or even lower.

They often talk like one have to take out the other one, like if you want to make a a lot of money, they you can’t also focus on having a happy family or focus on your loved ones etc.

Of course you need to focus 110% on your goal and it is hard to focus on several things at the same time. But why can’t you have both? Is it impossible to become rich and also have a great family life at the same time?

Another thing that a lot of people that are ”negativ” likes this and believes that one have to take out the other.

They often think that the rich people work for the money just for the money, just to have a lot of money on your bank account. But I find that it is very few successful people who has that as their motivation for wanting to become rich.

They often just do what they love and money comes, or they work for their family to give them everything they need etc.

Like if you read about Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson, his story about his success started when he got home one day with his mother and saw an eviction note on their door and they could not get in to their own house.

I decided then and their that this will never happen again and he has told a lot of people he still works so hard and gets up at 04.00 in the morning, because he works like their will be another eviction note on his door someday.

Thanks to his motivation about a eviction note he has inspired millions of people around the world and also inspire me to work harder.


My motivation and why I work to become rich and have financial freedom is quite similar to his story actually. One day when me and my mom was at home, it was a winter or fall night, dark outside etc. They shut down our electricity and power in our apartment, we had finally hit rock bottom.

My mom called one of her sisters and asked to stay there until we got the power back, my mom told me to come with but I refused.

I was so made and so angry at life and also stubborn, I said that nobody is going to make me leave this place, hell no.

So she left and I stayed and light up a few candles around my bed and laid there all night thinking that this is it, I will not accept this anymore, this is not going to be my life when I grow up and when I have children of my own.

From that day on I work hard everyday to be so rich and have so much money that this will never happen again, no matter how much money I have I will still work hard to keep the power on.

Another reason is that I wanna inspire people to more, I wanna show people that no matter how tough your childhood has been or what background you come from, you can succeed and reach all your goals, nothing is impossible. That is also a reason why I wanna reach my goals.

Money is freedom and I want freedom to be able to work with what I love and be able to buy all the things I want, not just for me but for my family and my friends.

Money is security and I want security for myself and my family and friends.


I learned something about myself 1-2 weeks ago and did something I never thought I would have the heart to do. This can have been the changed I needed for my life, this will be my next blog post, stay tuned…

Believe to Achieve.





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