New life

”Work and design your own life, if not you will work for somebody else life and design that persons future”

Okay guys, hope you liked my last post and that you did understood my message and what I wanted to share.

Like I told you in my last post I would tell you the news of my new life and here it goes. I quit my job, my full time well paying job. Some people will of course think I am crazy, lazy or whatever.

But I have always try to do what is best for me when it comes to decisions like this, either I can suck it up and feel down all the time and just work for the money like a lot of people do today.

However I realised something and discussed it with my girlfriend Marina, that it is time to start working for myself and my dreams more then I have done in the past. Of course we all need a job to pay bills and eat food etc.

But also when you have a full time job, you train or have a family and so on. It is really hard to make time for your own business and goals.

So there was several reasons why I quit my job but one part of it was that no is m chance to take a new direction on my life and just try, have the courage to try and see what happens.

I believe that we all stand on the edge of a cliff and looking on our goals and dreams but also the risks and hardships that comes with it. So in order to truly go after our goals and dreams we need to jump, just take that one step out in the open and take a chance.

Hopefully the parachute will open and we can start living life on our own terms and fullfil our destiny. But it may be so that the parachute won’t open maybe we will fall a long time before it will open.

BUT the thing is, it will never open at all if we do not first make that jump, if we not take that first step.


So that is what I decided to do now, I have never done this before and this can have been a misstake or the best thing that I have ever done, only time will tell.

I probably wouldn’t have done this without Marina, she is my rock and keeps me focused on my goals and what I want to accomplish in life.

Because even if I am very self motivated we all need help sometimes and a voice that can tell us if we are going in the wrong path then we truly want to from the beginning.

Another thing that is changing in my life is that me and Marina is moving in together, today actually. So this is very exciting, but I have never been so sure of anything in my life, spending my life with her.

Believe to achieve. 



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