Find your gift.

”Work hard and dream big”

Something I truly believe in this world is that I believe everyone in this world are born with a gift, something they are really good at.

This gift can be anything, it can be anything from mathematics or history, football, hockey or acting. Whatever, it can be anything and I believe that we all just need to find that gift.

When we do find that gift we will know, we will know that this is it, I was born to do this. We will feel something special when we do it and often it will be our passion.

I listen to Steve Harvey when he talked about people and their gifts, it was very interesting when he mention a few success stories.

One guy who used to cut grass for people all the time as a extra job and his friends used to pick on him because of that. They also wanted him to go out with them to the club etc.

But he always said he had to get up in the morning and cut Mrs.Jacksons grass, they just laughed at him

Today he has a landscape company worth 4 million dollar. 


So the thing is that your special gift dosen’t have to be something like football, basket, golf or those usually sports that you see superstars all the time.

Your gift can be writing, it can be cut grass or be a car mechanic, painting. Just find your gift and never stop looking, try things and see how you will feel about doing it.

Maybe your gift will be something you never thought something about or never think was something for you!

The message today is try things, don’t be afraid to do new things and never listen to the negativ people or what they are saying about the things you do. Follow your heart and never stop searching for your passion or what you love.

Believe to Achieve. 



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