”Don’t be a slave to Money, make Money a slave for you”

Hi guys,

Long time no see. I have been reading Money Master game by Tony Robbins and this book is as good if not better then Unlimited Power also by Tony Robbins.

Tony is one of the people I look up to and also my mentor even if he dosen’t know it, he is living a very similar life to my dream. To be able to inspire people and help people achieve their goals and dreams.

One thing I realized the other day was about breakthrough, that a breakthrough is a moment, a thought when you say to yourself ”NOW IS THE TIME”, ”I won’t take this anymore, I must do this now or never”.

Like when I quit my job and choose to go after my goals, that was a breakthrough for me and a perhaps a life changing moment.

BUT, even if a breakthrough is a moment it has most of the time been build up to that moment. It has been in your mind for a long time but something has stopped you, something has been holding you back.

You talk/talked about it, was close to do it, thinking about it etc.. But you have not had that breakthrough yet. This can be anything from quitting your job, to end a marriage that you know is not good for either one, or even buy that gym membership card.


The past six months I actually have had three breakthroughs that have changed my life and I recognize now what they have actually done for me and how they have changed the direction of my life.

So my simple message is recognize your own breakthrough and try not to wait to long to have it, work hard to remove the fear or whatever that is stopping you from taking that decision and have that breakthrough that will will changed your life, hopefully for the better.

Believe to Achieve



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