What is life for you?

”Fear is not real, it is only a feeling which we create ourself”

Good morning everybody!

When I write this blog post in my mind before I type it, it is early morning and I am on my way to work and something I have notice the last few days when I have started early at work.

I travel often the same subway at the same time and this morning I started thinking that it is 99% of the time the same people and they also sitting at the same place.

They are sitting their with either a big coffee or just sleeping on the way to work or wherever they are going. Sometimes they also are on instagram/facebook with their phone.

But what I see is uninspiring people who have the same routine Monday to Friday and are longing for the weekend because then they can sleep in and do nothing at all. Maybe go out and party Friday and or Saturday.

I am not saying everyone are like this or maybe not anybody at the subway I am on this morning, but a lot of people I have talked to in life and asked about what dream they have etc.

The most common answer is ”I don’t know”.


When I hear an answer like that I don’t think down on that person or that I am better in someway because I know what I want etc.

What I am thinking is why don’t you know? Do you not care? Are you happy with life as it is or are you afraid of telling me your goals/dreams?

So my question for you that are reading this, are you happy with your life? Are you happy with work, pay bills and die?

Are you that person who are living and working for the weekends and are happy with 4-5 weeks of vacation during June, July and August?

Or do you want more out of life, do you wanna have freedom and working for yourself. Maybe take vacation when you want, or even vacation from May all the way to August.

It is possible, we just need to find a way to do it. Working towards it everyday! Or find a job that you feel isen’t even a job, your passion. 

You all have heard the expression ”find a job you don’t need vacation from”. Should that not be everyones main goal?

Todays tip something I started applying in my life a while back was to change my subway routine from sitting on the phone to start reading books.

I started reading books from people I looked up to, Arnold, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins etc.

Find people that inspire you and see what they have done, how can they have the life they have. You can find out and you can have it to if you want.

If reading is not for you, listen to podcasts, audio books or Youtube videos. Just find a way to find your inspiration.

Believe to Achieve.



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