Raise your standards

”Turn your should into must”

God day everybody,

Today is a good day! Why? Because I make it a good day, I choose and decide it.

Something that Tony Robbins talk very much about is raising your standards and what do you mean by that?

Raising your standards in life can mean a few different things for different people, we are all the same but our thoughts and values are what seperates us.

To me and a little of what Tony talks about is that you raise your standards in your mind, your ”shoulds” in life needs to be turn into musts”.

We can take training and working out for an example. We all have that friend or several friends who workout several times a week and have a body that you maybe want to have.

What is the most common answer to this problem? If I had the time like you I would also workout that much.

So you wanna change your body and you know that you ”should” workout more but excuses comes in the way. That is why it is still a should instead of a must.

The people that workout more then you do, how can they have more time then you do? We all have 86.400 seconds each day, everyday.

”Yeah, but I have a job, I have a family etc..”. Excuses, as long as it is a should for you, the excuses will be there. When it becomes a must, you will all of a sudden find a way, you will find solutions instead of problems.

Because when you change your mind and turn your should into a must, your whole body changes and your standards are being raised.

How do I know this? 

Because I have been there, I have been like ”I should do this”. But I was tired of hearing myself always to come up with an excuse.

I started hearing myself how I sounded when something was still a should, how I complained, how I told myself excuses.

Also when I sometimes loose focus my girlfriend reminds me how she only hear excuses right now.

Something she told me a few weeks ago that really struck me and I took it pretty hard, but I needed to hear it.

”How can you become a motivationel speaker if you can’t  self motivate yourself and only see excuses”.

That really got me thinking, because I have always been this optimistic person who knows everything is going to be alright in the end. Who had I become now?

So when I say something to you about I know what you mean, I do mean it. Because I have been to the bottom in life, as low as according to me  one person can sink. I have seen life in a real negative way and really hated life.

I am hear to tell you that everything can work out just the way you want it to work out, you can have the life you want. You just have to decide and change your mind.

Once again Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, READ IT!!!

Believe to Achieve.



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