The most powerful tool.

”Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”

Guys, something I really wanna bring up today is how truly powerful we are. We have the most powerful tool in ourselves and some people don’t even know it.

We go through life and thinking that I can’t, I am not strong enough, I don’t have the gift or genetics like this other person.

BUT, we all forget that you and I have exactly the same powerful tool as the other person, some people have an easier time mastering this tool and bringing it out of course.

You guys know what I am talking about? Yes you do, come on.

I am talking the powerful tool called DECISION! Taking one decision have the power to change your life, it has the power to start you on a different path in life.

The funny thing is, this sound as simple as eating a banana if you like bananas. But why is it so hard? Why is it so hard to just make a decision?

You wanna change your body and start to work out, but you don’t make a decision and don’t make a commitment to it.

You wanna ask this girl/boy out, but you hesitate for some reason and don’t make a decision.

You wanna ask for a raise of salary but are afraid of something, what will my boss Think and what if he/she turns me down. So you don’t take a decision to ask.

Remember the answer will always be NO as long as you don’t even ask.   

So what can we do to be better at making decisions.

First of I believe we need to stop being afraid, fear is something that can stop us from doing what we really need, what we really want.

So stop being afriad, start to care more about change then others opinion or what might happen if you take this decision. Take some risks in life.

A quote I really like is ”In school we are giving a lesson then take a test, in life we are first giving the test that teach us a lesson after”.  Or something like that it goes.

Another thing is to believe more in ourselves, we are experts in talking down to ourselves and making us the little guy. Instead of saying to ourselves how good we are, how good we can be etc.

Believe in yourself and you are half way to your goal. If you say to yourself ”I am the best in this, I can do anything and nothing can stop me”.

If you say this and truly believe in this, you will see so much change in your body, in your mind in your posture  and in Everything, you just have to believe.

Believe to Achieve. 



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