My first Dreamtrip

Hi Guys,

I really don’t know where to start. I have not been a big traveler in my life and the number one reason is because of money. 

Growing up poor I never had traveling on my mind or in my to do list but the changed more and more as I became older  when I saw pictures of beautiful places and friends traveled everywhere.

So I did 1-2 travels with my family during my school year and it was cool and nice. Not so luxurious or anything like that but very nice. 

After this my hunger for traveling grew enormous, but not my money grew so much..

But then I meet Marina, my beautiful girlfriend who is a real globetrotter and she introduced me to Dreamtrips. 

A world of traveling open for me! 

So last Wednesday we started our journey to Greece and first stop was Athens which we booked ourselves before the Dreamtrip to Costa Navarino. 

Me who is a history junkie loved Athens, it was so amazing and really cool to see everything from Acropolis to Zeus temple to the old Athens where we lived. 

When we arrived to Athens with train we instantly got thrown in to the middle of everything with small restaurants and Greece people who was smoking and eating etc. 

An old church to the left and a big mountain to the right with acropolis on the top. 

After some traditional greece food we found our 3 star hotel A for Athens and it was more like a Swedish 4 star hotel. 

They had a rooftop bar where we had our breakfast each morning with an amazing view over the old Athens and Acropolis. 

We did spend 2 days in Athens and we walked for a total of almost 30 kilometers but could have been there 2 more days and walked another 30 kilometers.

The days in Athens feelt incredible it was so much history and the culture are so different for what I am used to. 

Amazing food and we tried to eat at different places and everything from small restaurants to more luxury ones. 

We tried to have as much culture as possible. 

Souvlaki was of course a first choice and a usually took it with chicken, as a bodybuilder we try to have a balance with healthy clean food and just eat whatever. I love the lifestyle. 

When we visited Acropolis I really went into the feeling of how cool it would have been to able to see the original when it was new. It is so much history there! 

We said we should try to be there as early as possible to avoid the crowds but it was already packed at 09.00 but it didn’t matter because it was amazing to be able to be there with Marina. 

So to summarize Athens it was so far my best trip ever because of the history the city has and it was great food and just an amazing feeling to be there and share it with the one I love. 

I highly recommend A for Athens as a hotel because of the location and the breakfast was also good for a smaller hotel. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday I will write about the luxury Costa Navarino, a five star resort and one of the best in the world people told me who has been all over the world. 

Believe to achieve! 



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