Part 2, mega Dreamtrip. 

Hi Guys, 

Now it is time for part 2 on my first Dreamtrip and here is it when the real DREAMTRIP started. 

We left Athens on Friday morning with a bus that took us to Costa Navarino and Westin Resort. 

After a long bus drive we were very tired and wanted to just lay down, but when we saw the resort and the hotel we got so excited that we just wanted to experience as much as possible.

We checked in and a driver took us to our room, yes a driver!! We just had to call the front desk and a driver took us anywhere around the resort. 

The first thing I noticed when we got into our room was of course the size, around 46kvm (Swedish). 

Then I saw that we also had our own pool outside!! This was just topping on the cake.

Talk about luxury, this for me growing up with no money was like a dream. I actually got tears in my eyes because I feelt I had come even closer to my dreams. 

This has to cost a fortune normally and yes it does, but not when you are part of Dreamtrip. 

Yes I feelt like a king at this place and everything just got better and better. 

The service was outstanding and the food was amazing, a lot cheaper then I thought it would be for a 5 star resort. 

We didn’t even got to see the whole resort because it was so big, but you know what the crazy thing is? 

It is only 20% finished from the original vision the creator had!! If this was 20% then 100% gotta be the worlds greatest resort. 

What I like about a place like this is when it is so big and it was over 1000 people at Westin Resort this weekend we did not notice it, no crowds for the food or for a chair at the pool etc. 

Another BIG surprise was the gym, they had 2 and me as a bodybuilder was very surprised that the gym was so good. I was able to train chest, shoulders and biceps with out a problem. 

Also they have a fantastic golf course and next time I come back I will play because we only was there for 3 days I feelt like I wanted to just see everything and relax. 

So to be able to share this with the woman I love was amazing, we feelt like the movie stars and the big corporate titans hahah!! 

There was so much more benefits at this place thanks to Dreamtrips but I prefer to tell you in person so you can see the smile  on my face and the glow in my eyes. 

Let me help you experience something like this for the rest of your travel life. 

This place gets 9 suns out of 10, why only 9 you ask. The price for cola zero was the only thing expensive and they did not have Pepsi Max! LOL. 

You wanna see more pictures from this place, visit my Instagram mikeeskola or marinaasplund. 

Or do you wanna know how you can travel like this and save 50-70%!! Contact me at my email listed here on my website. 

Believe to achieve.


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