Good morning guys,

After I got home from my last trip this last Monday I of course got a little sick.

A cold and very dry throth! So training has not been there and I feel how it affects me in a negative way.

I feel how strong the addiction is, of course I can blame it on how much ”I love to train”.

But to be honest with myself and everybody that reads this, it has become an addiction unfortunately. 

So is this good or bad?

Is it good because I will always be ”dedicated” and pushing myself hard towards my goal and be happy doing it.

Is it bad because I feel very depressed and very down when I don’t got to train, people around me will notice. 

The first thing I think about when I go on a holiday ”is there a gym around”, I take protein powder and oatmeal with me also the other stuff like zinc, D-vitamin and omega.

When I get sick the first thing that pops up in my head is ”damn now I can’t train” and get a little upset over it. 

I am not saying any of this thoughts is wrong or bad for somebody.

But this morning I started to think about it because I feelt a must to go to the gym before I leave Stockholm on the early train. (Yes on my way to the gym as I am writing this still a little sick in my nose). 

I know growing up with two parents addiction to drugs and alcohol how it looks to be addictive to something and how mentally hard it is to have it.

How can I compare drugs/alcohol with training? I don’t. I compare addiction to addiction. 

So I just wanted to write some stuff of my chest so maybe you guys know something or have some thoughts or can relate! 

Have a good day.

Believe to achieve.



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