Hi everybody,

A few weeks has gone sense my last update and life is good, it has it’s ups and downs of course but for the most part nowadays life is up.

I decided that I just did not have to raise my standards with my goals, dreams and work ethic etc. I have to raise my standards in how I handle negativity and when Life dosen’t go as planned.

So what do I do different now then I have done in the past when something bad happens or a plan don’t come around as I had hoped.

The first thing I do is tell myself that this is not a problem, this is a situation. Trust me when I say this, situations are much easier to handle then problems. Problem is a more negativ word then situation.

So I start by remove the negativ tone/word from myself, then I remind myself that I need to calm down, take a look at the situation and then start to see what I can do right now.

Because one thing that is sure and absolute is that when something happens you can’t never take it back or change that. If you said something, you can’t take it back, you can apologize and say I am sorry if you said something wrong, but what is said is said. YOU CAN’T GO BACK IN TIME..

If you are late because the traffic was still or the bus/train was late, you can’t do anything about that either.

If an accident happen you can’t do anything either about that, we can’t go back in time or predict the future.

What we can do is accept, yes we can accept the situation and then work if there is something we need to fix or we can relax and hope for the best.

You all know that we can get a little upset or angry when the traffic stands still or the bus/train is late, why? Because it is not what we planned.

But what will be worse for you, stay angry and upset an hour or two or even all day because something happen that you did not have any control about, or will it be better if you can accept the situation and move forward faster.

I think this is a very big problem for people to get angry over things you will only loose yourself if you stay angry about it. If something happens, just deal with it and move on. Accept the situation, accept life.

This is not easy, I am still working on it, but this is what I work on mostly these days. This is my next step towards a better life, better quality in my life. Are you with me?

Why should you not be with me, this is something that will change your whole life, you will smile more, feel more positiv and when you feel more positiv don’t you feel like your life is going much better also at the same time?

Believe to Achieve.



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