Hi guys,

Just 3 more days then me and Marina is of to Paris, only for a few days. 

This is something that I love to do with Marina, just get away for a weekend sometimes and leave Sweden and the ”normal” days for a short while. 

We have said that we don’t always need long vacation days, we think it is a perfect set up so travel a weekend at least once a month and then take one or two longer vacation during the fall or winter! 

Our goal is right now to have a mini vacation once a month and then within a few years just be traveling more and more.

Why is traveling important?

You learn and experience new things everyday when you go to another country, you see different people and see different cultures. 

This can be very interesting to see how others are living, what are their traditions etc..

You also grow with each other if you like me travel with the one you love.

Like Tony Robbins says ”Growth equals happiness”. 

So I believe what if you grow together, especially with traveling, is there anything better then to see the world together!

So Paris, you have been on my bucket list for a very long time and now I will get to experience you with the one I love. 

Believe to achieve!



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