Paris, a love story. 

How can I start this post?

This trip, a trip to Paris has been on my bucket list for more then 10 years and it has just been one of those cities I must go to.

So now I finally made it and I did end up going with the woman I love, how typical is that? 

Paris, a love story.

So we had 3 days in Paris together and unfortunately we both ended up being sick, a cold tried to take us down.

But we refused to let this beat us and our experience in Paris. 

So this was a very good trip, I loved Paris. The buildings was amazing, so much history and the streets was as I imagined.

I had always imagined to sit at a coffee shop on champ elysses and just have so coffee and smile, this was exactly what we did our first day. 

But the first thing when we woke up on Monday morning was to go to Sacré coœr because we lived right next to it. 

When we got up to the top and we saw the Eiffel Tower at far away, I actually started to cry. 

All the feelings just come over me, how I had wanted this so much and dreamed about this, now I finally made it. Another dream has come true.

The hotel was great, we also got upgraded to a deluxe room first thing just because. So it started of in the best way! 

It was a little boutique hotel with only 24 rooms, very nice and ”home” feeling. Nice staff and very helpful. 

But ofcourse the trips wasn’t all roses. The most difficult thing when I travel is the food. Because the culture is so different from what I am used to.

You can’t just order some chicken breast with rice or potatoes etc and the word ”extra” food doesn’t usually exists here. 

I am a bodybuilder so I always think about food, protein healthy and so on. 

Of course you guys who know me knows that I love ice cram and desserts. But I have always the other ”normal” food in mind.

I am this person who prefers to eat a good normal healthy meal with the protein and carb and fat ratio as I want and then eat something ”unhealthy” like ice cream etc.. 

Also with breakfast here in Paris, a ”normal” breakfast here is coffee and some sort of sandwich and maybe something sweet. 

Egg whites only? What’s that they will ask you. Lol! 

But as always when I travel I got my protein and oatmeal with me, so I take a double portion of that first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. 

Just to have some basis with protein and carbs instead of just bread and coffee. 

But the traveling will continue and new cultures will be discovered so this will just be to adapt and survive! Because I love to travel and experience new things.

I just need to learn to love to experience new food ”things”.  

Believe to achieve! 



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