Fredrik Eklund

Hi guys,

Another day and today I really did something special for me!

I got tickets to a seminar with the real estate agent from Sweden Fredrik Eklund who are/been the top real estate agent in America. 

Last month I read his book the sell and also started to watch million dollar listening NY where you get to follow the lives of three real estate agents Fredrik being one of them. 

I found Fredrik being very inspirational because of how driven he is in his life.

You can truly see how hungry and motivated he is. 

On that note I can relate to him and that’s why I find him to be an inspiration for me.

I don’t care about his work as a real estate agent or if I think that is very cool for me.

But a person who are so ambitious and driven, those people motivate me. 

So when I finally got to meet him live at this seminar I was a little star struck and I had decided to ask him 1 questions: 

1. What is the number one reason that drives you?

– He wants to be number one as a real estate agent. He also want to do everything, he vision himself as this and that in different directions.

This question I find is the most interesting to hear from people. It is always interesting to hear what motivates people.

Something that I will take with me from this seminar is one thing he said about never be ashamed of the thing that drives you.

Is it money? Is it fame? 

Don’t be ashamed of that, own it and be proud of it. Why is your reason more wrong then the people who says they wants to inspire or give back? 

Does this person have to be a bad person if money drives him? If it is fame he want?

Just because a person is driven by money or fame, he/she can still be a good person who wants to give back also.

But charity don’t have to be the number one reason for this person. 

So don’t be ashamed for the things you want or of the things that drives you. 

Believe to achieve!



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