Hi guys,

I was thinking about something yesterday that has been on my mind almost forever. Lol!

Why do everyone get judged based on if they have nice hair or not? Or if they wear a hat/cap at work?

Because I have always wondered why do I have to fix my hair before work, why I can’t wear a hat/cap at work!

Does a person who fix his/her hair for work and not wearing a hat/cap, is this person a better sales person? Or smarter then the person who likes to wear a hat? 

Just because you care a little more of your look (your hair) don’t have to mean that you are smarter, better or more hard working then the other person.

What do you guys think? 

Why will you rather go into Hugo boss or Armani to buy a suit and prefer to see the guy selling into to you have a nice hair? 

Just because he don’t fix his hair and wear a hat/cap means he is not an expert on suits!

Maybe Hugo boss and Armani was a bad example, but what about H&M, MQ, Carlings or any clothing store or maybe ica, Coop whatever!

Why is wearing a hat/cap something bad at work? It don’t have to indicate that you rather be home in bed or watching tv in the sofa. 

Believe to achieve. 



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