Hi guys,

Something I have been reading up about is the word modeling and this method is a great way to get started on the things you strive towards.

You all know that I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and I consider him a mentor, someday perhaps even a good friend.

But he speak a lot of the word modeling and how this is a method we all should use.

To give you guys a hint of what it means is this sentence ”don’t reinvent the wheel”.

So what I mean about modeling is whatever you wanna be successful in somebody else has most often done it before you and hopefully been very successful in it.

So instead of trying from the start do your own thing, start modeling your mentors, model the superstars even model your parents if they have success in they things you wanna be successful in.

Understand me correctly, doing your own thing is good and of course should you be your own person.

But why start at the bottom? When you have the opportunity to start closer to the  mountain top. 

There is a reason why you fly up to a specific point when you climbing the Mount Everest, you don’t start from 0 meters. 

Like when I wanna be an actor, of course I am not going to be only a ”copy-cat”, but I will model what others have done before we who has reach success. 

When I wanna be a motivational speaker or an best selling author, why not see how others before me have done it?

So my point is that model someone who has reach the type of success you wanna achieve but then after you have got started set your own ”thing” on it. 

Always be yourself, but use modeling as a tool for your success. 

Why else read books and listening to lectures etc? 

”Working my mind and body at the same time”.

Take this with you and see which people who has reach massive success in the field you also wanna be successful in.

Read about there story, try to contact them, go to their seminars if they have those. 

This should give you a pretty good start!

Believe to achieve.



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