Fear and change 

Hi guys,

It has been a while since my last post, been working and traveling. 

But something that I have thought about for years and even more these last few weeks are how people are afraid of change. They are in their comfort zone and even if they don’t like it there they don’t wanna step outside of it. 

Comfort zone doesn’t mean something you like or love, it just means it’s routine and something your brain is use to after several years of the same thing, a comfort. 

And when you are in a comfort zone it is really hard to step outside this zone, this barrier that you have created for yourself. You are simple boxed in. 

This can be everything from training to love life to work situation. 

But what I feel most strongly about is work, because it took me a long time to step out of my comfort zone with work and because this is what I have notice most on people and social medias what it seems like people have the most trouble with.

What I see now and even more as the summer ends is the usually ”I hate Monday’s” thing and ”Oh it is finally Friday, love my life”.

How I read into it is that you hate your life = work, or maybe not hate but you don’t like it.

You feel it is a ”good” job and ”I should just be happy I have a job”, because some people doesn’t even have that.

NO, stop!

You should never just feel ”satisfied” with your life, with your job. Your life is yours and everyday should be something to look forward to, not the life after 5pm and not the life after Friday afternoon. 

Why are we so ”boxed” in and don’t have bigger goals and wants then that? 

Why are we just doing what we are supposed to do and not what we really wanna do?

I know that society shapes us and there is a certain way life should be according to some people.

But something Jim Carrey said a few years ago has really changed my view on this topic. 

He said ”You can fail in something you don’t love to do, so you might as well do something you love”. 

This is so true and this as formed me and my thinking. Why should I just be satisfied with my life with my job? 

Shouldn’t I love it? Don’t we deserve to love life Monday to Sunday? From the time out eyes open until the time we close them.

This is what I believe is the biggest problem today, I can be wrong but now I always ask people if they love their job or should they rather be doing something else. 

7-8 out of 10 do not love their job, they rather would be doing something else. 

But they are stuck, they have been at the same job for several years and they either think it’s to late or that they can’t do it…

I don’t say my life is perfect, far from it. But I am not afraid of making changes and trying different things to find out what I love. I am working towards what I want! 

To go after my goals and dreams is in my blood or something, don’t know what to say but I think you get the point.

Maybe that is why people find me strange. LOL. 

If you really love your job, you love 8-5 and Monday to Friday work, congrats. I am happy for you, because you have done something not many people do, you have found what you love. 

But I am sad to see that you are living for the weekends, even counting down the days to Friday and the 4-5 weeks of vacation a year is the highlight for you because it is how it’s ”supposed” to be.

Of course I am not just talking about the Monday to Friday jobs etc, I am talking about any job you have that you don’t like, you deserve more. 

Believe to achieve. 



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