Hi guys, 

To succeed is all about belief, believing in yourself. 

Since I was very young I have always had big dreams and never wanted to settle for anything less then I dreamed about.

I also have had this extremely strong belief in myself that I am going to succeed no matter what. 

Not that I am better then anybody else or so, it was just natural to me to think ”why not me”.

Why could that guy succeed but not me? 

So even if my life has been very very hard most of the time I have never stop or doubted myself that I will reach my vision. 

So for me it is hard to understand why some people have periods where they don’t believe they are going to succeed. 

They almost wanna give up, they say ”what’s the point”.

The point is that you don’t deserve any less then what you want, life is not meant for anyone to just exist, to pay bills, go to work until you are 60-70 years old and then just don’t do anything.

If of course that is your dream, then it is cool👍

But this is something I am trying very hard to understand about people, why they stop believing because of a bad day or week or whatever. 

Weak minded? No I don’t think so, because they have so powerful dreams and visions and they are not afraid to have them, that makes them strong minded.

So what is it..?

Is it something we just are born with? Or is it something we train ourselves to be? 

Where does this extremely strong belief come from, that we don’t ever hesitate no matter what happens.

3 things from top of my head I believe why I have this belief:

– I am not afraid to fail. No matter what I do, I am not afraid to fail and try things.

– I am not afraid of what people might think. The dreams I have is mine and I don’t care what others think of them, either they think I’m crazy or an inspiration.

– I love myself, I like they person I am and that’s why I always can be myself. So when I love myself I know I deserve the best, I deserve my dreams, I deserve to succeed. 

Just like you and you and you do!

Remember, I have my moments also, not moment of doubts that I won’t succeed. But moments when I am feeling down or don’t like myself somedays etc.. 

But we are only humans.

So my two tips for you

1. Never ever give up, always work against your vision, against your dreams. Maybe not everyday, but 5 days of 7 at least;)

2. Say to yourself ”why not me”. That guy or that person is not better then me, if I work hard enough I also can reach the kind of success I want.

Believe to achieve. 



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