The right people. 

God day everyone,

This morning could not have started any better and it’s Monday;)

I started this Monday morning with a business meeting together with Mikael Arndt who is a very successful entrepreneur and have several companies, he also have a business school where he educate the future sales persons. 

So now just an hour of talking to him a see things in another perspective and more motivated. 

It is very interesting how the right people can make you grow and become motivated and also how the wrong people can make you negative etc..

So it is very important to be around the right people so you can grow. Team work!

So how do you do this?

You must first ask yourself and figure out what you want in life and start working towards it.

If you wanna become great at football, then hang around with great football players and people who also has the same goal as you.

Their is an old saying that you become fifth person depending of the four you hang out with.

So you wanna become great at something or you wanna be motivated, find people like you and hang with them, talk with them.

Create a team and have meetings every week just to stay motivated, start a Facebook group and motivate each other everyday. 

Just remember to hang out and be around positive people with high ambitions, if that is what you wanna become. 

It is not for everyone, some people wanna just live, have kids, work until 65 and retire, great, I promise you it won’t be difficult to find people like that. I whish you all the best. 

Ed Blunt is a fantastic actor and motivator who works at the same company as me. 

Read what he wrote the other day 👍

So make a choice and start networking with the right people and I hope I’ll see you around. 

Contact me if you wanna talk, network and making a living, living. 

Believe to achieve. 



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