Hi guys, 

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is the word sale/sales and why it has become such a bad word, especially here in Sweden?

Is it because if you buy something from that individual that person makes money from you? Even if you get something for the money..

Is it wrong to make money in life? Is it wrong to wanna make a lot of money?

Is working in sales making that person a bad person? 

Especially in direct sales when you only work on commission most of the time, then you definitely make money on that individual who buys your product?

But if you buy something in the store or online and you don’t really see the person who makes the money in the end, the CEO/owner/the board, then it is okay!

Or am I wrong? 

I think it is about control, people always wanna feel in control and then when we go to the store etc, it is we who make the decision to buy this or that and we have the control. 

Because if a person comes to us or call us and want to offer you something, then it is not you that have the control. 

So we probably don’t even want to listen want the person is offering/selling, even if it can be something that benefits us. 

Because let’s keep it real, most, not everyone but most people want to sell you something that is better then the competition or sell something that can benefit you or else we don’t have anything to say, to sell. 

”Why should I buy your product?”.

The person most definitely don’t answer ”I don’t know, it’s my job to ask you”.

So what strikes me the most is that the person don’t even wanna listen for 5min to see if he/she can benefit from this.

They already ”know” that they don’t want it.  

Fredrik Eklunds book ”The Sell”, everyone should buy and read that. Everything is sell in life and we are better at it then we think. 

But as we grow up it gets to be a bad word unfortunately and we often are ashamed to have sales as our work. 

But the best thing today is according to a investigating that has been done in Sweden in the most popular jobs today, sales person and entrepreneur has almost climbed to the top. 

So maybe it can outgrow the bad reputation that it has today and people starts to listen what the seller can offer. 

Also, people wanna make more money to have more time which equals more freedom.

They don’t want limitations on how much money they can make and they do want more control of their own work hours, their own salary etc.. So sales is a future not a disease. 

Believe to achieve. 



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