Hi guys,

Just came back to Stockholm after a good weekend in Göteborg. 

A weekend with business, shopping and relaxing. 

Something that I have reflected about these past few weeks is a question that we face everyday. 

Be supportive or be negative or just don’t speak at all. 

Ask yourselves if you have an idea, or a goal, a dream. Would you want to have people support you, say positive things and smile at you?

Or ask this, if you see somebody share about what their goals are, the idea they have. Is your first thought ”that guy is going for it, cool if he makes it”, or is it ”damn that guy is crazy, that goal is impossible”.

Either way, we all have an opinion and that is natural. But why does the people who thinks the later (negative) feel they need to say something? That is my big question mark. 

Is it that they feel they need to help this person? Or do they just want to express their negative opinion? Or do they just don’t understand the vision that this person have?

Me myself has always been they quite one  who support in silence, if that is any support.

Lately I am trying to be the one who speaks up and try to be supportive with words.

I have never been the one who feel I need to be negative to that person if he or she doesn’t ask specific for my opinion in something and then I try to give good feedback instead of negative thoughts. If it is a goal they have I always believe they can reach it no matter what, then they mostly don’t need feedback just some support. 

The world is a very big place with a lot of people and a lot of things that gives us both negative and positive things. 

I try to make the best of it everyday by give my support where it is needed, my love where it is needed and my feedback where it is needed.

No matter what I always try to make people grow or take one more step or have one more positive thought everyday.

Some people need it, some people don’t. Anyway we should always try to do our best and spread positivity around us. 

All it takes is thumbs up or a smiley or a simple word as Yeah buddy, or you can do it.

It only takes 10 seconds of your time to make another person have a smile for at least 3 hours. Talk about making a big impact in a short amount of time. 

Believe to achieve. 



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