Open minded

Hi guys,

Something that I have thought about lately is the mentality of certain people. Is some born in a certain way and can’t have certain thoughts or do they just choose to sort out some thoughts they have.

I believe we all are open minded people and we all are dreamers, like when we were kids. We have just lost the one thing that was so strong for us when we were young, HOPE and BELIEF.

When I look back at my childhood and my friends, I don’t remember anyone who did not have big dreams, the word impossible did not exist in our minds, we were going to conquer the world and everything was a lot more fun. I don’t think that was just my childhood, right?

What happened along the way? We looked at our adults around us, we went to school and we grew up. We were told that we should fit in, stop with our ”childish” dreams and focus on the reality that was coming. But who’s reality?

Everyone that knows me know that I am a ambitious person who have very high goals and want more out of life then what the ”normal” is. They call me a dreamer and I LOVE IT, I see the word dreamer as positive word.

Dreamer = A person who believes in his/her ability to succeed in anything they want to do, they feel that they do not have any limits and thier dreams can become a reality.

But if I call somebody a non-dreamer or ask why they don’t have very high goals etc, then it seems I am the weird one. Because if you are a realist and non-dreamer, then you fit perfect into the society and if you stand out you are an outsider.

I love to be open minded to new things, new ideas and new opportunities because it makes me feel good, it gives me hope and isn’t that what is most important. That we all feel good about our lives and we are happy?

Why is the dreamer weird? Why do the dreamer not get to buy a Bentley as his first car, why those he have to start with a Toyota, Ford etc because somebody else did that?


If we have people around us telling us we can do anything if we put our minds to it and work our ass of, then we grow up with a different reality. Then if we grow up with people telling us to fit in, we are not children anymore so stop dreaming.

What do you guys think? Is it a different mentality depending on our childhood/upbringing when it comes to belief and dreams?


A test I usually do involves a picture like this house. What do you guys see? I see a possibility, a vision, a goal. That is something I want and it is fully capable for me to have if I truly want to. That is what I see and what I think when I see this house.

Remember, we all have different goals and dreams. I know that I have a lot of materialistic goals and that is for me, that is what success is to me not to somebody else.

While maybe other people just see a house, looking like in the movies or something. Some people maybe not react at all, some maybe say to themselves, impossible, only special people can have that. They are born with a gift etc.

But you know what, you are born with a gift, we all are. We just have to find it, the problem is to do the job to find your gift/passion.
Because that is the hardest, doing the job to find your gift, you need to jump and have faith.

Once you find it, you will know that this is what you were meant to do. You have finally found it and you now have your passion and life will be extraordinarily.

Believe to Achieve.



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