Hello everyone,

Routines is not a bad thing in our lives, we are humans and most humans need routines and if anything changes they feel uncomfortable. But to much routine I don’t understand.

The other I notice something very interesting about routines. I work extra at a gym in Stockholm, so I work there around 2 times/week. Love the environment and the people, so it’s a perfect extra job.

So these 2 times every week has been going on for a few weeks now and today I noticed how it is exactly the same people every time, they sit almost in exactly the same seat also every time. Like clockwork!

Also the people are doing the same thing, some listening to music, some read the newspaper, some talk (very few I might add). But the interesting thing is that it is the same people who listening to the music, same people who reads the newspaper and the same people who talk to each other.

In these past few weeks I have not noticed a single change from anybody from these people. Now even with the people who are talking to each other, they talk about the same thing, work. Specially how they always have to work and not in the positive way.


Work is one of the biggest part of our lives that we have to do no matter what, we need work but also remember that work needs us. Some people also forget that.

My point is, when work is such a large part of our lives we need to love what we do as our work. Work should never be boring or something you have to struggle to get to. We need to be excited about waking up and going to work, our passion.

Because most people are going to work for 40-50 years, so you might as well do something you truly love. 

I talk to a lot of people about this and my questions often gets people to react, I ask what are your goals and dreams, do you truly love your job. I hate the ”normal” questions, like how is work? how is the family? Of course I ask that because I wanna know, but I am more interesting in how they see their lives and their future.

Unfortunately it is to many people who do not love or even like the job they have. And what is even more sad is that they don’t care or have the courage to change, to break the routine. This is just the way life is…

I have never been afraid to change my job if I don’t like it or try new things, but even for me it took a few years to really make a BIG change in my own life, so I know how hard is to ”break free” from the routine and the comfort zone.  But I believe that in the end it will be worth it.

Some people go to work because of their colleagues or because of the paycheck, maybe not a bad reason? What do you think, what’s your reason for going to work?

The thing is the colleagues you have at work is a lot of times not the people you hang out with outside of the office, right? Of course some people do, but a lot of times you just see your colleagues at office hours or when the job has a after-work thing.


I believe there is 4 types of people we hang out with:

  1. The people who we grew up with, played in the same team with or went to the same class with. 
  2. The people we work with or have met by our work.
  3. If you have a hobby of some kind, like bodybuilding for me. 
  4. And the last thing, people who has the same goals/dreams as you. 

Unfortunately nr.4 is not maybe something you find as easy as the other people. Why is that?

Is it because we really don’t have any particular goals, or do we believe we need to do this alone?

I have noticed a lot that team work makes the dream work. So I am trying very hard to change this and start to hang out with people on the same road as me. Any people out there who wants financial freedom, who wants a life you don’t need a vacation from, a life full of fun, freedom and fulfillment? Send me an email.

Believe to achieve.  



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