Work or job

Hi guys,

Was thinking yesterday about this and when I have a thought I want to write it down and share it with you.

In life we all work, we have to work, to survive and some people only have that as their biggest thing in life. Work!

But I believe there is a different between doing work and having a job.

Having a job is something we all can have and just doing the job that is required by us, we are in the ”hamster wheel”. Going to work, clock in and clock out.

Then we can have a job and actually doing work, not just for others but for ourselves. We actually going to our job and smile, we don’t clock in and clock out. We are living it!

When we are working it doesn’t feel like we have a job, we have a calling or we have a passion.

That is something we all deserve and should have. I will never tell people what to do, we are all masters of our own lives.

I just want you to stop and ask yourself ”do I love this”, ”is this something that makes me happy”. Or ”I can’t wait for the weekend”, ” I can’t wait for the vacation”

Two different scenarios that are very important both of them, what is your scenario?

When I am truly working I do something I love something I wanna do because it will get me closer to my goals one step at a time.

We should never settle for less, thinking that this is it, I don’t deserve more. Scratch that right away, you deserve everything you want don’t be afraid of that, of wanting more from life then just having a job.


Believe to Achieve




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