New direction

Hi guys,

I truly love my new direction in my life. I ask myself what do I want out of life and what is more important. I did meet the love of my life and found the best company I have ever seen this year.

Let me ask you guys something,

  • Would you like to upgrade your travels and travel VIP without having to pay crazy amount of money?
  • Do you wanna travel more?
  • Would you like some tips on places to see?
  • Want to know how to save money on your travels?
  • Do you wanna meet new people and create a bigger network all over the world? Having new friends from different parts of the world? 

For me I have never traveled that much in my life, around 3-4 times totally and that was mostly with school or my previous sponsor Better bodies.

Growing up poor never gave me the chance to experience traveling.

But since March this year I have upgraded my travel and going to visit totally 4 countries during 2016 and GOING TO USA in January.

I have had 3 cities/countries on my top bucket list since forever and those are Paris, Rom and USA. 

Paris I checked of this year, next year I will check of both USA and Rom. Also Hawaii is a goal for next year. Let’s do it! You guys are more then welcome to join, me and Marina love to travel with others.

Some people say that the accommodation is not the top priority when they travel. It is about the experience and meeting new people.

For me it has been both so why settle with one or the other when you can have both to basically the same price?

If you are smart enough to have the cake and also being able to eat it, you are welcome to contact me at 

Remember that oppurtunities are often a whisper just like dreams are, so you have to pay attention and listen.

Believe to achieve.



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