Hi guys,

I have talked about this before, about change. But it is such an important topic so I want to talk a little about it again.

Another thing is that I have a different mindset now then before about this and I feel I have embraced it more today.

Change in life is always a little uncomfortable in the beginning and you have to sort of ”start over” again with the routines you had.

After a while you feel more stable and things are looking up, you have gotten in a new routine and hopefully you like it more then the old one.

Then after a little while longer you will feel either awesome or not, that is when you know if the change was something for you or not. Never look at it as a failure, look at it as a learning process.

You always have to try and do the change before you know if it is right for you.

You sort of gotta jump, take a leap of faith and have the mindset that I will never fail. You’ll either win or you will learn, but never fail.

When you have that mindset you will feel so much more comfortable with changes and you’ll be more open minded to try new things, taking more risks.

I feel I have adapted this a lot more today then before, I still have a long way to go but this is a good start.

For me it was this year I had my biggest change, I completely change my work life and went to a whole new industry then I am used to.

I have become self employed, an entrepreneur working for myself and trying to figure everything out that comes along with that.

Been doing this for a few months now and it feels great, still a little uncomfortable and working on having that new mindset. It is hard, still have a little ”employed” mindset but I am getting away from it more and more.

Lucky for me I am together with an amazing entrepreneur already, my partner Marina.

She has learned me so much, this has helped with a start everyone might not have in the beginning.

All you entrepreneurs out there, I admire you. Never give up!! I will not. 

The world is constantly changing so we have to always adapt. So why not learn this and apply it not only when we must change but also when we need to change in order to grow.

Strive for change and growth in your life, always try and think ”how can I grow at this”, ”how can I become better”.

Better at your job, your hobby, your relationship and more.

My best tip for this. If you want change you have to change. If you want growth you have to grow. 

Believe to Achieve.



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