Hi guys,

On my way back to Stockholm when I write this, 5 days in Berlin.

Gotta say that this weekend was AMAZING, Friday to Sunday I was on a big event with my company and the future for travel is looking super excited. 

We had our founder on sight to personally tell us what the plans are for the future and what the numbers is, 1 billion dollar this year in revenue!!! Crazy. 

So all the days were about traveling, the future and also meeting people from all over the world. Over a million members are we. #jointhemovement 

On Saturday me and Marina went out for dinner with a few Swedish friends at a place called cookies&cream. Some vegan place that was really cool but not my type of food. 

On Sunday night after long days with a lot of information and a lot of crazy fun we went out for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse all you can eat, my type of place;)

Now this was awesome and it was a buffet table with different types of side dishes to eat with the meat. 

The meat they brought out every 5min and new meat everytime, women dancing and the staff was really good. 

On Monday me and Marina checked out from our hotel and walked around in central Berlin before heading to Tropical islands a few miles outside of Berlin. 

This was my birthday gift from Marina and it was perfect, tropicals island is a big hanger where they have built an inside tropical paradise with everything you can imagine.

You can sleep in tents or houses depending on what you want and your price range. 

Different types of restaurants and small shops with different items. 

They have birds running around and a few fish pounds and it is like you are walking in the jungle for real. 

You can see all the pictures on Instagram or my Facebook. 

The gym was a small totally OKAY gym, worked out 2 times and did back the first day and shoulders the second. A entrepreneurial bodybuilder gotta train. 

I can really recommend this place, for you and your spouse or your whole family. They have something for everybody. 

Next stop is Bulgaria in 2 weeks. Follow my lifestyle as an entrepreneur who helps people upgrade their lifestyle and traveling. Love my job! 

Believe to achieve.



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